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Timing/Registration Checklist


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Pre-Raceday Checklist

ChronoTrack Live/Athlinks

Creating and Configuring an Event

Set up and configure your Event. See Creating an Event.

Ensure that the Event Start Time is well before when any Races will actually start (Event > Event Properties > Dates)

Ensure that your Timer information is set correctly for the Event (Event > Event Properties > Timer)

Create any necessary Races for your Event. Remember to keep Relay Team and Individual type races separate.

Make sure all Leg Distances are configured for your Multi-Sport races.

Make sure Planned Start and Planned End are correct for each Race within the Event.

Replace the default Graphics with custom graphics.


Remember to Release the current Registration Form after making any changes to anything that directly relates to Registration.

Set up any necessary Registration Choices. Remember to set the Registration Choices' close times to at least 30 minutes after the Event's start time to accommodate late entries.

Configure Pricing for each Registration Choice.

Add a Waiver to the event and set Privacy Policy information.

Set up any necessary Custom Product Questions or Survey Questions on the Registraton > Custom Questions tab. Remember to keep similar Questions sorted into different Slides

Enable and configure the On-Site Form options (if applicable)

Configure and publish the Event Landing Page.

Copy and publish Registration form Links.

Extra Registration Options

Enable and configure the Standard Products Slide.

Set up any Coupons you will need for the Event.

Replace the default graphics with Custom Graphics to show off your event and advertise for sponsors.

Enable and configure the Donation Question slide.

Enable and configure your Event for Race Change/Deferrals.

Enable and Configure Athlete Update sign-up for your Event.


Add any necessary Timing Points to each Race on the Scoring > Course tab. Remember to carefully set Min/Max accepted times.

Timing Points are configured to accept the correct Read instance. (Start = last. All others = typically first)

Add all necessary Timing Devices to each Race on the Scoring > Course tab.

All necessary Intervals are added and configured to show Results and trigger Athlete Updates.

Set up any Brackets for age groups.

Configure any necessary Bracket Rules to map Individuals and/or Teams to Custom Brackets.

Add and configure any necessary Waves and Wave Rules (if applicable).

Verify that all Brackets are set to the correct Scoring Type

Add and configure Minimum Interval Duration (MID) for each pair of Timing Points that share a Timing Device. (If applicable)

Set the Double-Dipping policy for awards.

Configure the Awards Report and set Bracket depths for age groups for each race.

Import Athletes into the Event (if not using Registration).

Use the Data Checks to make sure that Athlete and Team data integrity is good.

If using Teams...

Enable and Configure Teams for your Event.

Make sure you Import Teams first before importing Team Members. (If you are not using CT Live for Registraton)

Assign Bibs to Individuals, Aggregate MEMBERS, and Relay TEAMS. (If you are not using Dynamic Bib Assignment)

Configure the Aggregate Teams Report/Awards Report for your Team Races.

Data Management


Make sure you have followed the steps to Set Up Fusion for the First Time.

If you're going to have a lot of streams, set up an Event Space and Streams in advance to simplify work on race day.

Configure any necessary Tag Filters and Adjustments to use in your Streams.


Make sure you have added the correct Host in StreamManager. For ChronoTrack Live, this is

Clear old Streams to make selecting and streaming simple on Race day.

Configure any necessary Tag Filters to use in your Streams.

CCS Lite & SimpleClient

Make sure the Direct Socket Connection is set up correctly.

If you are using SimpleClient on a new computer for the first time, make sure you have followed the steps for Setting Up SimpleClient for the First Time.


Ensure that all controllers and batteries are charged fully before Race day.

Determine which controllers will be used at which point on the course. We recommend that you use the newest equipment for the main lines (Start, Finish).

Set Event and Point information for the Controllers at least the day before Race day to expedite setup. See our guide for the Pro2, Pro Series and MiniTrack

Be prepared to deal with inclement weather on Race Day. Gather shower caps/trash bags to protect Controllers from precipitation.


If using ChronoTrack Live, add any necessary Camera Devices on the Scoring > Course tab.

Ensure that all cameras are fully-charged, their memory cards are formatted, and they are set to the recommended settings. See our best-practice guides for Video and Photography.

If you have hired a Photographer, make sure they are aware of the best practices for shooting race photos and their assigned locations during the race. For useful guides to successful Media, check out the links HERE.

On-Site Kiosks

Ensure that all Kiosk computers are fully-charged.

Set the correct Registration or Results page as the Home screen on each of the kiosk computers to expedite setup on Race day. If you're using Launch, follow the instructions found HERE.

Test the connectivity of each Kiosk computer using whatever internet source you will be using on Race day.

If you are using ChronoTrack's Kiosk sets, you may want to print out the Race Director and Volunteer on-site kiosk guides to provide ahead of time.

Race Day Checklist


Power on all controllers and perform a time sync before distributing them to their locations on the course. See our guides for syncing times on the Pro2 Controller, Pro Controller, and MiniTrack.

Plug in primary power (if available)

Plug in Aux power (if applicable/available)

Double-check Event/Point information for each controller.

Set up all Timing Lines.

Check antenna signal with an RFID checker card and/or a test tag.

Network primary and backup controllers.

Connect controllers to the CCS Server or a scoring computer for live data processing. See our guides for connecting to the CCS Server for Pro2, Pro, and Mini or our guides to connecting to a PC for Pro2, Pro, and Mini


Set up any video cameras according to our Recommended Best Practices.

Leave the camera powered down until about 5-10 minutes before the first runner is expected to cross the Finish line. This will conserve battery and space on your media card.

On-Site Kiosks

Set up and turn on Kiosk computers and connect them to the internet.

Ensure that the Registration and/or Results forms are working on all kiosk computers.

Ensure that kiosks are properly staffed with volunteers or race staff and that payment details are established. (Cash payments, checks, etc)

Data Management


Locate and add the Sessions for your connected controllers.

If you didn't do so beforehand, edit the Event and Point information for the Streams so they will go to the correct event in CT Live.

Start Streams.


Locate and Select the Sessions for your connected controllers.

Edit the Event and Point information for the Streams.

Apply any tag filters you set up beforehand and apply any necessary adjustments.

Start Streams.

CCS Lite & SimpleClient

Select the correct Sessions from connected controllers. (Through CCS Lite or from the CCS Server)

Apply the correct Gun Start to the Minimum Accepted time field (for Start sessions).

Rename the Event and Point to the correct values.

Apply any necessary filters or adjustments.

Finalize session selection and Play the data.

ChronoTrack Live/Athlinks

Launch the Console for each of your races to monitor tag data.

Assign a Gun Time to each Race within your event.

Post the Online Results link to your website, Facebook page, etc.

Push the Results to Athlinks